Could South Carolina Finally Pass a Sports Betting Bill in 2023, as the Legislative Session Will Begin on January 10th?


A lawmaker looks to bring back the sports betting push in South Carolina. SEC states have had a tough time legalizing the operation, as the territories will have another shot in their upcoming legislative sessions in the early portion of 2023.

Could The Palmetto State Join the Sports Betting Industry Soon?

This week, a prominent South Carolina legislator, House Rep. J. Todd Rutherford, proposed a constitutional amendment to legalize sports betting, casino gaming, and parimutuel betting. This will be the second attempt, as the previous bill made it past the state’s House chamber.

Last year, HB 5277, would lose steam on the Senate floor as a vote wasn’t even conducted. Representatives that have been advocating for sports gambling hope that the measure H 3095 Join Resolution will help present the bill sooner.

The sooner the bill is presented, so the members of both chambers have ample time to discuss and make the necessary adjustments. Most of the state’s House members are supporting the bill, and the members must convince the Senate to do the same.

Rutherford’s proposal would allow wagering on professional sports but not on college sports. Not allowing potential bettors the opportunity to wager on in-state collegiate programs means that the state will generate less revenue in the long run. Clemson and the University of South Carolina are two major programs in the state.

The initiative also doesn’t state what the tax rate would be for the sportsbook platforms that receive licenses in the state. Rep. Rutherford was, however, in favor of a ten percent tax rate during the previous session.

South Carolina Won’t Be the Only State That Will Be Busy

As the news keeps circulating the industry, Ohio and Massachusetts will be joining the industry. In Massachusetts, retail sports betting is likely to be launched first, while Ohio will take the universal approach.

Louisiana is the largest market in the southern region, and many states will look to join the Pelican State. Lawmakers in Texas will be busy in the next few weeks as the state could be a prime destination for sports wagering.

The closest states to South Carolina that will look to be a part of the industry are North Carolina and Georgia, as both jurisdictions missed their opportunity last year. The only way to legally wager in North Carolina is to go to the two tribal casinos that are located in the Western part of the state.

Georgia will have a second attempt, as well as the bill, which fell short as well. In both states, professional franchises supported sports betting bills that failed.

The SEC States Will Look to Make Their Efforts Count

During South Carolina’s upcoming 2023 legislative session, the bill can be discussed. The House Judiciary Committee is currently reviewing it, and the session will begin on January 10th.

As for now, this will be a waiting game as 2022 is coming to an end.