DraftKings Opens Retail Shop in New Hampshire


On Wednesday, DraftKings Sportsbook will be opening its retail location at the Brook. This is the first retail betting location in New Hampshire. Gov. Chris Sununu signs a sports betting bill last year and it is finally paying off for the state as DraftKings goes live.

“With major sports resuming in recent weeks, I am extremely pleased The Brook is opening its new retail sportsbook,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “This retail sportsbook represents the next evolution for the New Hampshire Lottery and DraftKings, which have already established New Hampshire as the go-to destination for sports betting in the Northeast. Along with placing bets online and with their mobile devices, sports fans now have an exciting new retail location where they can place bets on their favorite teams and experience this new way to win.”

New Hamshire is allowing bets on all major U.S. sports including professional and collegiate games. Also in New Hampshire, towns had to vote to allow sports betting operations in it, and Seabrook was one of them.

The sportsbook is going to be called “The Stadium”, who will offer stadium seating couches along with movie theater-style chairs and hundreds of TVs around the sportsbook.

Opening during a pandemic but Eureka Casino Resorts, which was the mastermind behind the Brook is saying how they will plans for social distancing along with hand sanitizer stations around the sportsbook. They will also require guests to wear masks.

New Hampshire became the second New England state to offer sports betting, after Rhode Island.

The Brooks New Sportsbook

The sportsbook will serve as the first of its kind for the state, allowing sports fans to place legal bets on all major professional and collegiate U.S. sports at a retail location.

Opening a sportsbook during a pandemic has many challenges. However, Eureka Casino Resorts is doing everything in its power to make sure that the casino is safe and sanitized for customers to use daily.

The sportsbook is looking to get the ultimate sports betting experience to its customers. They have betting kiosks and TVs throughout the sportsbook, which will help bettors never miss a second. This was with the help of Seabrook city residents passing a vote to allow sports betting in the town.

The Brook has been making sure that they are fully prepared to operate a sportsbook in a pandemic. They are taking multiple sanitation and safety measures to make sure an outbreak does not happen on their watch, and that sports fans can relax and watch the games.

In December, DraftKings and the New Hampshire Lottery launched a mobile betting app in the state. DraftKings will also operate four sportsbooks throughout the state, which is impressive for how small New Hampshire is. Sports betting has brought in $65 million since December.

DraftKings Market Growth

With the addition to the New Hampshire location, DraftKings is now operating in 10 states, the first sportsbook to hit double digits states. This comes along with launching operations in Illinois last week as well.

DraftKings is taking the early lead in the U.S. market share and does not look to be slowing down anytime soon. The way DraftKings is growing, they will be able to expand growth in every state that legalizes sports betting.

Their reach is across the entire U.S. and will continue to get early customers once they hit the market in every state.