ESPN+ Starting Sports Betting Show Featuring Mike Greenberg


ESPN, “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” is set to break into the sports betting industry, and they are using one of their biggest personalities to do so. Mike Greenberg is set to host a new show, “Better Days,” focusing on the sports betting industry, especially during the NFL season.

Even though this new program will focus on sports betting, it will focus on some of the crazy bets made each week. Mike Greenberg is a legendary host at ESPN, and he is expected to transform the sports betting experience for ESPN customers. 

The new show will air exclusively on ESPN+ once a week for the remainder of September, but the program could be extended throughout the entire NFL season. ESPN will continue to monitor the sports betting industry to determine how much “Greeny” will be online.


Mike Greenberg is one of the most notable personalities at ESPN, and he is set to take his talents to the sports betting industry. Greenberg will not only discuss sports betting, but he will also give his unique take. 

ESPN has been looking to break into the fantasy and sports betting market for some time, and they are using one of their most prominent personalities to accomplish this goal. The new show anchored by Mike Greenberg should help fantasy sports players win big during the 2020 NFL season. 

Where is Mike Golic?

Mike Greenberg became a huge hit on ESPN through his weekday program featuring Mike Golic. The “Mike and Mike” Show was extremely popular, but it came to an abrupt end.

Greenberg went on to star as the lead anchor of “Get Up,” and Golic took over the “Golic and Wingo Show” that appeared early morning on ESPN radio. The “Golic and Wingo Show” has since been canceled, leaving Mike Golic to search for a new job.

Mike Golic is expected to cover college football games this fall, assuming there are college football games. Golic will be stepping out of his comfort zone to call these games, but it will continue to give him a presence at ESPN.

Sports Betting Industry Continues to Expand

The sports betting industry in the United States continues to expand, and there is no end to the growth in sight. Once the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting in 2018, states have been taking advantage of the open sports betting laws.


This new show on ESPN+ will focus on all of the breaking news in the sports betting industry, as well as provide some betting previews. ESPN has been looking to break into the sports betting industry, and this new program will give them that opportunity. 

Mike Greenberg has admittedly not had a ton of experience in the sports betting industry, but he will rely on his coworkers to provide him some inside information. Other companies have been extremely aggressive in producing sports betting content, and ESPN is set to join the market.