Giants and Jets Game Previews


The 2022 NFL season continues to roll along, and both teams from the state of New York are having good seasons. There is a chance that both teams could end up in the playoffs this season, and they could then go farther than that.

The New York Giants have already played a Week 12 game, but the New York Jets will be gearing up for a game on Sunday. Before you start looking at buying playoff tickets for either team, you need to focus on the upcoming matchups for each team.

The New York Jets and New York Giants both have some work to do before they are able to reach the playoffs.

Jets Set to Battle the Bears

The New York Jets have had a much better season than expected, but they have started to head in the wrong direction of late. New York comes into this game as a six-point betting favorite, but the Bears provide an interesting challenge.

The Chicago Bears could be without quarterback Justin Fields in this game, and that will turn them into a bad offense. Fields has been dazzling on offense, but he is really the only option that the Bears have.New York Jets

New York is making a change at the quarterback position as Zach Wilson has continued to struggle. The Jets are hoping that the rushing attack and the defense can set the tone, but it’s a pretty big gamble to make.

The Jets should be able to win this game, but covering six points might be a challenge.

Giants Gearing Up For Commanders

The New York Giants have already played in Week 12 as they suffered a loss to the Dallas Cowboys. New York played pretty well in that game, but they now must move forward and look toward Week 13.

The Giants will be facing the Washington Commanders in Week 13, and that game will have serious playoff implications. Both teams are going to have to go on a big run to win the NFC East, but a Wild Card spot is clearly in play.New York Giants

Don’t expect a ton of offense in this matchup, as both teams will be looking to establish the run. If this game is slowed down, then that will favor the Giants, as Saquon Barkley will be the best player on the football field. The Giants will need Daniel Jones to make some big plays, but this should be a good matchup for them at home.

Odds to Reach the Super Bowl

Just a few weeks ago, it looked as if the Giants and Jets were on a collision course to meet up in the Super Bowl. That could still be the case this season, but it’s going to involve some upsets along the way.

Both the Giants and Jets are in divisions that have been really good this season, and that makes it even harder to get into the postseason. Even if the Giants and Jets are able to get into the playoffs, they don’t have very good odds to reach the Super Bowl.

The New York Giants are listed at +7000 to win the NFC Championship this season, while the New York Jets are listed at +5000.