Illinois Sees Nice Revenue Increase for Sports Betting in June


The Illinois Gaming Board has finally released the June sports betting report, making it the second to last state to do so in the United States. Illinois sportsbooks did not see as much action as normal in June, but those operators did bring in plenty of revenue.

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The total sports betting revenue for the month of June was $47.5 million, which was nearly a record for the state. That was also an increase of more than 30 percent for May, and it was clear that sportsbooks had the upper hand over bettors in June.

The sports betting hold in Illinois for June was 10%, and that allowed the state to bring in a substantial amount of tax revenue as well. Illinois was able to collect $7.13 million in tax revenue two months ago, which was also a jump of more than 30 percent from the previous month.

Illinois continues to put up impressive overall numbers when it comes to sports betting, but this big jump in revenue is a positive sign for a state looking for money.

Total Handle Sees Drop

Illinois has quickly emerged as one of the top sports betting markets in the US, but the total handle failed to reach $500 million for the first time in June. This was largely contributed to a slow calendar month of sports, but it was still a setback.

The June total sports betting handle was just $476.5 million, which was a drop of 6.1% from the May total. This is a trend that could prove to be troublesome in Illinois, at least until NFL and college football resume this Fall.

With the $476.5 million total handle in June, Illinois slipped to third on the list of states in the US. New Jersey is still the clear leader when it comes to sports betting, but Nevada was also able to get past Illinois.

In-Person Registration a Factor

Illinois implemented an in-person registration requirement when it legalized sports betting, but that didn’t really matter for the first few months. Governor J.B. Pritzker issued an Executive Order last June that allowed for mobile registration at online sportsbooks.

That online registration period ended at the beginning of April, and June was the first month that it seemed to have an effect. The total mobile handle fell by 6.4%, which ultimately played a huge role in the total handle falling.

DraftKings, FanDuel Dominating Market

One trend that has continued in Illinois is that DraftKings and FanDuel continue to make up close to 70% of the total sports betting market. DraftKings led the state in total handle in June, while FanDuel was a runaway leader when it came to total revenue.

The total online handle at DraftKings in June was $157.1 million, and it had a revenue of $13.9 million. FanDuel posted a total online handle of $155.3 million, and the total revenue was a whopping $20.1 million.

BetRivers continues to come in third place in both categories, but it continues to fall even further behind the top two operators.