Jets/Vikings and Commanders/Giants Previews

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We have reached Week 13 of the football season, and both teams from the state of New York are in thenfl100 playoff race. There is still work to be done for the Jets and Giants, but they are in a great position heading into some big matchups.

The New York Jets are on the road against the Minnesota Vikings, and they are the underdogs in that game. The New York Giants are home against the Washington Commanders, and this is always a massive rivalry.

These are just two of the games set to take place in Week 13, but they are clearly two of the most important games on the schedule.

Jets Looking to Pull off Upset

The New York Jets head to Minnesota as three-point underdogs, but they will have a chance to be competitive in this game. New York seems to have figured something out at quarterback, and that defense continues to be great.

Minnesota is a team that is tough to stop, as wide receiver Justin Jefferson has been a superstar all season. The Vikings just beat the New England Patriots in Week 13 to help the Jets, but now New York has to help themselves.New York Jets

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of separation between these two teams, and it’s going to be a game that is decided late. Look for the defense of the Jets to come up with a big stop in this game, and that will ultimately be the difference in this one.

Giants Looking to Bounce Back

The NFC East Division is loaded with great teams this season and that includes the New York Giants. New York is home against the Washington Commanders on Sunday, and the Giants are trying to keep Washington from winning four straight games.

Washington is actually a two-point betting favorite in this game, and they have been terrific on defense of late. The Commanders are still scoring just 19.4 points per game, but they have some weapons on that side of the football.New York Giants

The Giants have managed to lose three of their last four NFL games, and they just haven’t been able to score enough. Daniel Jones has thrown just ten touchdown passes this season, and he has to be better.

This game will be decided late, but it’s going to be tough for the Giants to win this game.

Best of the Rest

There are some other big NFL games on the schedule in Week 13, including one of the best rivalries in football. The Chicago Bears are three-point underdogs against the Green Bay Packers, and those two rivals always seem to deliver a classic matchup.

The 7-4 Tennessee Titans visit the 10-1 Philadelphia Eagles, and that is a game that could end up being a Super Bowl preview. Philadelphia is a member of the NFC East, and that is going to impact the playoff race for the Giants.

Now that we are in the month of December, all of the NFL action is going to heat up, and the playoff races are going to continue to get tight.