New Jersey Devils Among First Teams to Announce Helmet Ads

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Starting in the 2020-21 NHL season, the league puts ads on helmets. The Washington Capitals and the New Jersey Devils will be the first teams to do so. This will be the first time an ad logo has been put on a helmet. The Devils will be wearing them in training camp when the season resumes.

The Capitals will feature the Capital One logo, and the Devils will have the Prudential logo on their respective helmets. Capital One holds the sponsorship rights for Capital One Arena where Washington plays, and New Jersey plays at the Prudential Center.

The ads on the helmets could sign the times with COVID-19 disrupting a franchise’s and league’s bottom line.

Devils President Jake Reynolds said, “Prudential Financial was our first and only call when such a significant opportunity for brand placement and association was made available by the NHL. For our shared values, commitment to our fans, community, youth education and programming, and so much more, Prudential was a natural partner whose esteemed brand we are proud to see alongside our own for this special 2020-21 season opportunity.”

Details About the New Ads


The Washington Capitals and New Jersey Devils will be the first teams to add helmet ads. More teams will most likely be following suit in the near future.

The timing of selling ad space on helmet ads comes when NHL franchises are struggling to generate revenue from the coronavirus pandemic. Selling ad space on helmets is one way to help bring in revenue.

This is a big step for the NHL with selling ad space on jerseys. For decades, minor league hockey in the U.S. and professional hockey in Europe have sold plenty of ad space on jerseys. Now, the NHL is getting into the ad selling game, as it will put the Capital One logo on the Washington helmet and the Prudential logo on the New Jersey helmet.

Could We See Sports Betting Ads?

Now that ads are going on players’ helmets, is there a chance we see sports betting ads with one of the teams? This will definitely be possible with the NHL having betting partnerships with William Hill, FanDuel, and BetMGM.

One of the NHL teams could have one of these three betting brands on the side of its helmet. Teams could also find themselves forming partnerships with sports betting brands similar to other professional leagues across the U.S.

New Jersey is a great team to have a sports betting partnership with as well. We could end up seeing multiple ads on players’ helmets and jerseys before it’s all said and done. The Devils could have a Prudential logo on one side and a FanDuel logo on the other.

Overall, there is no end to the possibility of sports betting becoming more prominent in professional sports. Leagues are now welcoming the idea with partnerships and the possibility of ads on team helmets. A team will be that adds a sports betting operator as its helmet logo before the 2020-21 season is over. It’s only a matter of time.