New Jersey Sees Increase of Sports Betting Handle in June


The US sports betting industry always seems to be waiting for New Jersey to announce the sports betting numbers for the previous month. New Jersey has become the clear leader in this industry, and the numbers always seem to set the tone for the rest of the US.

The total sports betting handle for the month of June was not as high as it was in May, but it was a massive jump from 2020. This state continues to see tremendous growth, and there could be some record-setting numbers on the way later this Fall.

Last month the state saw a total sports betting handle of $766.9 million. That was a drop of 5.8% from the $814.2 million that was brought in during the month of May.

The drop was expected in June as the United States has fewer major live sporting events taking place. Overall, New Jersey saw an increase of 364.7% in the total handle year-over-year.

Online sports betting once again accounted for over 91 percent of the wagers in June, and that is a trend that won’t be ending anytime soon. New Jersey continues to attract some of the biggest online sports betting operators, and there will be more launching in the coming months. 

Revenue Sees Big Jump

Despite the slight drop in total sports betting handle month-over-month, the state did see a nice jump in the total sports betting revenue. Last month the sports betting revenue was $71.9 million, an increase of nearly 35% from May.

The total revenue reported in 2021 for June was more than 400% higher than the total revenue that came in exactly one year ago. This number is important to sportsbooks and the state as it determines how much money is paid in taxes. 

Atlantic City Seeing Action

Even though online sports betting continues to bring in the biggest numbers, the state of New Jersey is seeing a jump in the total amount of retail sports betting. Atlantic City is now back and open with very few restrictions and that has helped the retail sportsbooks attract more business. 

The retail sports betting handle in June was just shy of $84 million, and it rose by nearly $5 million from May. This is a number that is expected to continue to grow over the next few months and could see huge growth later this Fall. 

iGaming Numbers are Strong

New Jersey is a state that also offers online casino gambling and online poker to go along with sports betting. Those two industries aren’t quite as popular as sports betting, but they are in the state of New Jersey.

The total gaming revenue in New Jersey was approaching $400 million last month, and online has been a big contributor. Online casinos generated $107 million in revenue in June, which was only a slight drop of 1% from May. 

In the first six months of 2021, iGaming has brought in more than $634 million in the state of New Jersey.