New York Mets Odds to Win 2021 World Series

The New York Mets made some major moves over the offseason as they turned over the front office and got to work. Not only did they trade for Francisco Lindor, but they also locked him up long term. He will now be a part of a talented infield with J.D. Davis and Pete Alonso. In addition to Lindor coming over, they added Carlos Carrasco in the deal. Both him and Marcus Stroman fall in line behind Jacob deGrom, their star ace. The Mets have made a major move in odds to win the World Series.

Mets Odds to Win World Series: +1100

Mets Odds to Win NL: +550

Mets Odds to Win NL East: +160

*Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

New York Mets Odds Analysis

new york metsThere will be a lot of talk around the Mets and their moves over the offseason. But they needed to make those moves to make a splash in a very competitive National League. The Braves are still favored in the AL East, and the Dodgers, Padres, and Braves all rank ahead of the Mets in World Series odds and National League odds. There is no doubt that the Mets are well within that range of outcomes of coming out of the National League. Overall the Mets made a lot of strong moves over the offseason and health will be key for how far they can go in the league this year. The rotation has been hit by injuries over the last few seasons and Noah Syndergaard was the main one last year.

This group is turning over a new leaf with an overhaul of the front office and also the manager. New York was on the cusp of winning a World Series not too long ago and the team this year is better than that team. This is a great mix of veterans and young talent. Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith are two big power bats. A universal DH would also help them solve that logjam as Smith belongs in the lineup.

New York Mets Strengths and Weaknesses

The pitching has been a great strength for the Mets, given Jacob deGrom is arguably the best pitcher in baseball. They have now backed him up with Carlos Carrasco, who has been a very reliable arm in Cleveland over the last few seasons. Getting him in the Francisco Lindor trade was a major win for this group. The bullpen has been a bit hit or miss of late but I still like this group moving forward. In a very good National League with plenty of deadly lineups, this Mets staff and bullpen can certainly go toe-to-toe with anyone. As far as weaknesses go, they don’t have too many. You could make a case they need an extra bench or platoon bad but this team is built better than before.

New York Mets Prediction

While the NL East is going to be a tight race between the Braves, Mets, and Nationals, the Phillies could also make a run if they can overperform in the pitching department. The Mets do have strong odds to make the playoffs but then will be facing teams like the Dodgers and Padres at some point, who are the other National League contenders. I am going to give the Mets the nod here over the Braves because I like their rotation to hold up over the course of a season where Atlanta is banking on a rotation that has been injury-prone and also some names that are a bit older. This group should be around the 90-win mark if everyone stays healthy. The addition of Francisco Lindor is a big one and we will see it pay off in year one.