New York Yankees Odds to Win World Series

Yankees Odds to Win World Series: +400

Yankees Odds to Win AL: +185

Yankees Odds to Win AL East: -310

*Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

New York Yankees Odds Analysis

The New York Yankees entered the COVID-19 shortened 2020 season as one of the favorites to win the World Series at +400 (along with the Los Angeles Dodgers). The Yankees are coming off of an AL East title last season as well as back-to-back 100+ win seasons. Despite being the league’s most injured team in 2019, the Yankees were still able to win 100+ games and come within a couple of games of making the World Series. Now, in 2020, an even more talented Yankees team is looking to make it even further this season.

When you look at the AL East, it appears to be a two-team race. While the Boston Red Sox are a sold team, they appear to be a level below teams like the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have a sneaky good team this season behind a nice pitching rotation. They have the makeup to take on a power-hitting juggernaut like the Yankees. While the Yankees still should win the AL East, at -310, the juice is not worth the squeeze here as the Rays could certainly play spoiler and find a way to edge out the Yankees atop the East by a game or two.

As for winning the entire AL, a bet on the Yankees at +185 is certainly a bet that is worth placing. The Astros, Rays, and Twins are the three biggest threats to the Yankees in the AL and are likely the only ones who can compete with them in a five or seven-game series. However, the Yankees are still the better team amongst these four and the odds of them winning the AL is certainly worth a solid plus money payout of +185.

The Yankees and Dodgers are the two favorites this season with both teams sitting at +400 odds. It is the most likely scenario that we will see in the World Series this season as many agree that these are indeed the two best teams in baseball. Assuming the two do reach the World Series against one another, it would certainly be an even matchup with two powerful lineups and excellent pitching rotations as well. At 4/1 odds, a bet on the Yankees to win the world series is as good as any. Equally, a bet on the Dodgers would be just as good of a bet. At +400, a bet on both teams right now would be the smartest bet as it is likely that one of these two will be the winner of the final game of the season.

Equal bets of $100 on both the Yankees and Dodgers at +400 to win the World Series would put you in $200 to win $400 if one of those teams were to win. 2/1 odds on either the Yankees or Dodgers winning the 2020 World Series is way too good of a bet to pass up.

New York Yankees Strengths and Weaknesses

The Yankees are loaded with strengths and their weaknesses are hard to find as there are very few at the start of the 2020 season. Any Yankees fan will tell you that health is their #1 concern again this season. Outside of that, there aren’t too many concerns for the Yankees right now.


  • Power Hitting Lineup
  • Excellent Top of Rotation
  • Great Arms in Bullpen
  • Solid Starters at All Eight Positions


  • Health, Injury History
  • Aging Players
  • Depth at Multiple Positions
  • Rotation Not Deep

New York Yankees Prediction

When you look at the 2020 New York Yankees, you see a team that is built to win in the Postseason. They have three excellent pitchers at the top of their rotation in Gerrit Cole, James Paxton, and J.A. Happ. When the Postseason rolls around, teams only look to three starters for their playoff rotation, which fits in perfectly for this Yankees rotation. While the return of Masahiro Tanaka is not known after taking a line drive off of his head in practice, he will likely be back sometime this season and on the playoff roster. This means that Happ could head to the bullpen in the Postseason.

Not only do the Yankees have a rotation that is primed for the Postseason, but they also have what every team needs in the postseason, and that is plenty of solid arms in the bullpen. When the playoffs roll around, the Yankees will have Aroldis Chapman, Luis Avilan, Zack Britton, Chad Green, Adam Ottavino, and likely either Happ or Paxton also in the pen. This gives the Yankees five or six solid bullpen arms that could eat up quality innings in the Postseason.

On the offensive end, we know the Yankees lineup is stacked. When it comes to power from the one spot to the nine-hole, no team is as powerful as this Yankees lineup. In the “juiced ball era”, this lineup is as dangerous as any we have seen in years. Giancarlo Stanton is already off to a hot start this season as he hit one of the hardest home runs in the majors in years. Players like Gary Sanchez, Luke Voit, DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge, Stanton, and even Miguel Andujar are all capable of putting up big home run seasons.

When you mix in the power of the Yankees with the talented arms on their roster, you get yourself, one dangerous team. Gerrit Cole could be another Cy Young candidate, Stanton and/or Judge could lead the league in home runs, LeMahieu could win a batting title and the team also has a few possible Gold Glove candidates. From top to bottom, at every position and every aspect of the game, the Yankees are a complete team with more talent than any other team.

The result for this Yankees team, especially with the newly expanded playoff format for the 2020 season, will certainly result in a playoff berth. While the Rays could certainly find a way to steal an AL East title from the Yankees, I still think the AL East is New Yorks to lose. One the playoffs roll around, I don’t see any team in the AL able to compete with the Yankees for an entire series, including the Astros. Likely to see the Dodgers in the World Series, I think this is the only team that can take on this Yankees’ team in a seven-game series. However, I still think the Yankees find a way to edge out the Dodgers in six games.

Having said all this, the Yankees HAVE TO remain healthy if they are going to fulfill this prophecy and end up winning the World Series. The same could be said about any team, although no team may be as injury prone as this Yankees team, who was the most injured team in 2019. If they can remain healthy, this Yankees team may be unstoppable in this shortened season, which should benefit this aging team that only needs to play 60 games instead of 162 this season.


Will the Yankees Make the Playoffs?

With the newly expanded playoff format, the Yankees are as good of a lock as any other team in the Majors to make the playoffs this season. With the top two teams in each division now making the playoffs, it is unlikely the Yankees finish third or worse in the AL East.

Are the Yankees a good betting value to win the World Series?

Yes. The Yankees are tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the best odds to win the World Series at the start of the 2020 season. While only a few teams in the AL can compete with the Yankees, the AL is theirs to lose this season.

How many games will the Yankees Win?

With the season now being just 60 games this season, based on the Yankee’s recent win percentages and how good their team is this season, we can expect around 40 wins this season.

Who is the best player on the Yankees?

This year’s New York Yankees team is loaded with talent. On the pitching side, Gerrit Cole is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. In terms of hitting, the Yankees have one of the most experienced home run hitters in baseball in Giancarlo Stanton, as well as one of the league’s best young power hitters in Aaron Judge.

Which team is the biggest threat to the Yankees in 2020?

In the AL, there are only a couple of teams that can really compete with the Yankees in a five or seven-game series. The Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays are the two toughest opponents for the Yankees in the AL. In the NL, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the biggest threat against the Yankees should both teams make the World Series.

What is the biggest challenge for the Yankees in 2020?

For the Yankees, health is their number one concern. After being baseball’s most injured team in 2019, the Yankees have already been hit with the injury bug. With an aging team that has a rough injury history, staying healthy could be the difference between winning the World Series and making an early Postseason exit.

Prediction: Yankees (39-21), Win AL East, Win World Series (4-2)