Pennsylvania Shatters State Record with $365M in Sports Betting for August


The state of Pennsylvania has quickly emerged as one of the top sports betting markets in the United States, and the August numbers further cement their place in the industry. Pennsylvania set a new record for sports betting handle in August, with sportsbooks reporting a total betting handle of more than $365 million.

The return of live sporting events during August played a huge role in these numbers as bettors have been waiting for markets to bet on. With the return of NFL and college football in September, Pennsylvania is expected to see even bigger numbers during September.

The numbers reported from Pennsylvania just continued a trend set in the industry, with other states posting some massive numbers as well. New Jersey set a new industry record in August with a sports betting handle number reported at more than $668 million. 

Mobile Leads the Way

Mobile sports betting accounted for more than 88% of the sports betting handle in August, and that was actually down from the 94% reported in July. There were more retail sportsbooks open in August, which was the biggest reason that the mobile percentage dropped.

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Mobile sports betting handle accounted for more than $321 million during August, which more than doubled the figure reported in July. This is the largest amount of mobile sports betting revenue that has ever been reported in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Gross Gaming Revenue Strong As Well

The sports betting numbers were not the only numbers that were strong in August, as the gross gaming revenues posted in the state were impressive as well. As casinos have started to reopen in the state, bettors and gamblers have flocked to the retail sportsbooks and continued to bet online. 

In August, gross gaming revenue was reported at $306.3 million, an almost five percent increase from the numbers posted in August 2019. Online gaming contributed in a big way to these numbers, but so did the reopening of casinos throughout the state. 

Valley Forge Leading the Way

The Valley Forge Casino Resort had the highest sports betting total in August, and that sportsbook also saw a massive jump from the July numbers. Valley Forge Casino Resort posted a sports betting handle total of more than $149 million in August. Their proximity to Philadelphia was one of the biggest reasons for this number.


Meadows and Rivers Casino Pittsburgh were next on the list, and these two sportsbooks also saw a considerable increase over the July numbers. Meadows brought in more than $88 million in sports betting handle, and Rivers Casino posted sports betting handle of more than $32 million.

These retail sportsbooks were closed for more than three months, but they have seen some huge numbers since they have been allowed to reopen.