Rangers/Devils NHL Win Totals for 2022-2023

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The 2022-23 NHL season is underway, but the full schedule is set to begin later this week. There will be plenty of focus on a couple of teams from the state of New York, as it should be an interesting season for each team.

The New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils have enjoyed a terrific rivalry over the years, and each team should be ready for big things in 2022-23. It is the Rangers that have higher expectations this season, but the Devils could be in the mix as well.

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Rangers Ready to Roll

The New York Rangers are one of the most storied franchises in the NHL, but they have been in a pretty long drought when it comes to winning a title. That could change this season as there are some big expectations for this Rangers team.newyorkrangers150

New York has proven that it can be a tough team to deal with once the postseason begins, but they need to give themselves a better seed in the playoffs. The Rangers have an over/under for regular season points set at 99.5, and going over that number could win them the Metropolitan Division.

Devils Should Improve

The New Jersey Devils are a franchise on the rise, and the 2022-23 season could be a huge season. New Jersey has been doing a great job of acquiring some young talent, and this could finally be the year innydevils150 which they are ready to move from a pretender to a contender.

The oddsmakers have set the over/under for regular season points at 89.5 for the Devils, and going over that total should put them into the postseason. New Jersey will obviously have to prove that they can get it done on the ice, but the projections are impressive.

Can Islanders Keep Up?

The New York Islanders are kind of the forgotten team in the state of New York, but they look like they are ready to keep up as well. The over/under for the Islanders is set at 92.5 points, and they could actually be better than the Devils this season.nyislanders150

It was a miserable start to the 2021-22 season for the Islanders, and they are going to have to find a way to get off to a better start. This Metropolitan Division is going to be one of the best in the NHL this season, and all three teams from the state of New York could end up in the playoffs.

There are other teams in the Metropolitan Division that will give the teams a run for their money, but the rivalries between the Rangers, Islanders, and Devils will be fun to watch.