Sportradar Launching emBET

Sports Betting

Sportradar recently announced the launching of emBET, and this could change the sports betting industry in a big way in the future. emBET is a product that has never been released before, and it combines live or in-play sports betting with what is called Over-The-Top live streaming.

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As the sports betting industry in the United States has continued to grow and evolve, in-play or live betting has become extremely popular. This new product, emBET, features live data and odds while also integrating advertising.

The overall goal of this new product is fan engagement, and this will be done through a variety of methods. Customers will be able to place live bets on the games that they are following, but they will also have access to other advertisements and information.

It has become clear that sports bettors don’t want to search for new information and they prefer to have everything delivered to them. This is the top focus from emBET, and it should help Sportradar become a bigger name in the US sports betting industry.

The launch of this new product is one that will likely be duplicated in the future, but Sportradar and emBEt have beaten the competitors to the punch.

Quote From the Launch

As you can imagine, representatives from both Sportradar and emBET had plenty to say about this new product. Sportradar CEO Arne Rees said:

“With audience consumption habits shifting dramatically, it’s more important than ever to create a dynamic viewing experience built on rich data and featuring compelling content.”

Sportradar was in need of a revolutionary product, and they were able to find a perfect partner in emBET.

Sportradar Has Some Power

Sportradar is not yet a big name in the US sports betting industry, but that could be changing soon in the next few months. Sportradar already has deals in place in over 80 different countries throughout the world and over 1,000 different companies.

Sportradar used to have a deal with the National Football League, but it was recently replaced by Genius Sports. This company has managed to rebound by partnering with the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets, but losing the entire NFL was a big blow.

By adding new emBET technology to its platform, Sportradar should be able to provide a better service to other leagues, and that will increase and improve its presence in the industry.

emBET Can Change the game

Even though there is already plenty of competition and big names in the US sports betting industry, emBET is the type of company that can change the game. emBET has been proven to be easy to integrate into the sports betting industry, and it is also a program that is easily customizable.

This technology works well by being able to react to the behaviors and tendencies of sports bettors, and these have been changing since the growth of sports betting in 2018. All of the technology can be seamlessly integrated into video players, and that will allow the product to launch quickly.