Sportsbooks Ramping Up 2020 Election Betting Odds

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The 2020 Presidential Election will take place on Nov. 3, and it is expected to be a huge day in American history. Current President Donald Trump (Republican) will be opposed by Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party had many candidates competing in the Primary Election, but Biden was able to win the nomination. Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential candidate, and the pair will be looking to take over the White House from Trump.

Just a few months ago, Biden was a huge betting favorite to win the Presidential Election, but Trump has made a huge recovery in recent weeks. Bet365 has Joe Biden at -135 to win the election, while Trump is listed at +115. Interestingly, Harris is also listed at +6000.

There are several huge topics that will likely sway the election, and the handling of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is one of them. The Republican National Convention is currently underway right now, and the Democratic Convention already took place.

International sportsbooks are starting to see a large number of wagers from bettors all around the world, and Trump is starting to catch up in terms of total betting handle as well. Even though this race only affects those in the US, bettors are hoping to have a nice payday by choosing the correct winner.

Political Betting Still Illegal in United States

Political betting is huge in other parts of the world, but it is still illegal in the United States. Sportsbooks in West Virginia briefly posted political betting odds earlier this Spring, but those odds were quickly removed.

International sportsbooks offer betting odds for the Presidential election, as well as other notable political races. These sportsbooks adjust the odds routinely, and the lines have been adjusted several times in the last few weeks.

Could a Woman Win in 2024?

International sportsbooks are already looking ahead to the 2024 Presidential election, and they believe that a woman can win the race. Republican Nikki Haley is currently listed at 25/1 to win the 2024 Presidential election, but those odds have been slashed from 33/1.

Donald Trump Jr. is also expected to be a player in the 2024 Presidential election, and he has performed well at the current Republican National Convention. Donald Trump himself could also be a candidate to win the 2024 Presidential election if his bid to win in 2020 falls short.

2024 Betting Odds

Biden is currently the betting favorite to win the 2024 Presidential election, with odds being offered at 6/1. This would only be the case if the Democratic candidate was able to win his first term in 2020.

Harris is also listed at 6/1, and she will likely become an even bigger favorite if she is the Vice President for the next four years. Biden and Harris are considered to be the only viable threats for the Democratic Party currently.

Trump’s odds to win in 2024 have fallen to 16/1, but these odds would be taken off the board with a win in 2020.