The Massachusetts Sports Betting Operation is Making Some Progress, but More Clarity is Needed

Sports Betting

As the Massachusetts Gaming Commission met on Thursday, an important update about the Massachusetts sports betting market will be released this upcoming Monday.

To stay on track in regards to launching the market by late January, prospective sportsbook operators must submit a scoping survey by 5 pm Monday.

Why This Survey is Crucial for the Various Applicants?

The Commissioners in the Bay State stated that the applicants that are must file this survey in order to be considered for a license. As the plan states, retail locations will most likely launch first.

Most operators except DraftKings wanted a universal start date similar to the Ohio sports betting market. DraftKings is based in Boston and has numerous partnerships in Massachusetts and the industry.draftkingsmobileapplestoreicon

Massachusetts is one of the states that have a lower barrier to entry. If applicants fail to meet the set deadline, they will not be considered for one of the 15 licenses that will be up for grabs. One operator intended to complete the survey on Thursday, but there were no completed surveys when Thursday rolled around.

The online bookmakers will most likely launch by March. They will most likely miss the Super Bowl but will be in operation by the time March Madness rolls around. Still, the March Madness Tournament is one of the most wagered events throughout the year as numerous jurisdictions set new records or come close to topping their respective records.

As Massachusetts Heads Into the Weekend, What Can the Market Expect

According to the MGC Communications Division Chief Thomas, at least five entities have filed the scoping survey. The Commissioners spent most of Thursday’s meeting explaining how they would evaluate the applications.betmgmlogo

A total of 40 entities have expressed interest in the seven untethered licenses. This will be a tough task for the Commission as they will need to figure out which sportsbooks will be awarded the licenses.

Without much doubt, the three entities that filed one of these surveys lean towards BetMGM, Barstool, and WynnBet as they have extended partnerships with casinos that conduct business in the Bay State. These bookmakers also have a retail sportsbook set up in these gaming facilities as they await the green light.

More News to Come Together in the Next Few Weeks

The Massachusetts sports betting almost had to wait another year as the House and Senate ironed out their differences during the last hours of the session. Now sportsbooks and potential bettors are awaiting the green light.

The Commission is no stranger to long meetings, as one of the meetings had commissioners from Maryland and Ohio. Maryland is looking to start a mobile market, while Ohio is awaiting its universal launch date, which will begin on January 1, 2023.nfl100

Despite having these long meetings, there are no set launch dates. Currently, prospective bettors across the state have crossed state lines to place wagers in other neighboring states.

The neighboring states have noticed a boost in their monthly handles due to the extra traffic and NFL and college football seasons. The NBA season will also be starting soon as the NHL season is currently going on.