West Virginia Sports Betting Continues to Climb

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West Virginia sports betting rebounded in July thanks to major sports getting back into action. The revenue reports released were very encouraging for the state.

The sports betting handle saw a week to week increase as the Mountain State also saw increases in revenue as well. The West Virginia Lottery released the revenue numbers throughout the month.

Mobile betting was a huge saver for West Virginia as people are able to be from home instead of traveling to a casino. The mobile handle his $11.1 million for the month of July and the total sports betting handle was over $15.8 million, an increase from June’s $6.3 million.

Revenue jumped over 177 percent to $1.6 million compared to the $567k for the Mountain State in June. Not too bad during a pandemic.

West Virginia by the Numbers

Mobile betting saw over 70 percent of the bets made in July and West Virginia’s retail betting sat at $4.7 million, according to state reports.

FanDuel and DraftKings have been a huge success in the market ever since entering in August 2019. The BetLucky App and BetMGM have jumped into West Virginia in 2020. Both have helped grow the sports betting industry, but DraftKings and FanDuel still have the edge in the state.

Mobile betting dropped roughly 20 percent from June to July showing more people are willing to go to the sportsbook to place bets compared to when the pandemic first started.

Mobile betting has been a huge success in West Virginia. A lot of it has to do with COVID-19, but it is also more convenient to be able to bet from instead of having to drive to a sportsbook to do so.

The betting handle sat at $299K in the first week of July as online betting was $877k that same week. For all the math majors at home, that is $1.1 million. The majority of the numbers come from UFC and motorsports, which makes sense when you are talking about West Virginia.

The growth continues as the month went especially when the MLB and NBA came back. Even in West Virginia, sports fans were itching to get their action in on some actual baseball and basketball games although there is no pro sports team within the state.

This is how sports betting hit $15 million in the state for July. Thanks to the NBA and MLB returning, betting revenue has increased for the Mountain State.

What Can West Virginia Expect?

The West Virginia sports betting handle should only continue to increase in August. West Virginia only caught the tail end in July with the MLB and NBA restarting. In August, they will have a full month of NBA, NHL, and MLB for bettors to get action.

As of writing this, the NFL is still on schedule to start this September. West Virginia should see its numbers climb into the fall as the most popular sport in the U.S. takes the field.

Mobile will continue to dominate the sports betting revenue in West Virginia. The coronavirus is still widespread in the U.S., and a majority of people would rather place their bets at home instead of going out to a sportsbook to get in on the action.